Achievement-Based Interviewing and Evidence-Based Selection
Mel Kleiman, CSP
This important new special report contains everything needed for creating and maintaining a hiring system based on real evidence and achievements, which are the best hiring metrics today.

Interviewing and selecting based on achievements and evidence is the only route to dependable and replicable hiring results to ensure that your organization employs the high caliber employees so essential to success in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Achievement-Based Interviewing/Evidence-Based Selection $125.00

Essential Hiring Forms
Essential Hiring Forms are $50.00 per master per form if bought separately or $225.00 for the entire package of six, a savings of $75.00!

Quality hiring forms are essential to quality hiring. These Essential Hiring Forms will get you the vital information you need and help you organize and analyze it.*

These forms are in Word format so you can put them on your company stationery with your company name and logo.

Employment Application (English) $50.00
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Employment Application (Spanish) $50.00
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Structured Interviewing Form $50.00
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Interview Rating Guide $50.00
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Reference Verification Form $50.00
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Compatibility Matrix $50.00
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Reference Release Authorization Form $50.00
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All Six Essential Hiring Forms $225.00

All Seven Essential Hiring Forms including Spanish $275.00

The Successful Manager's Toolkit
by Mel Kleiman, CSP
ow many times have you said to yourself, "I really need a toolkit fot this job?" Well, now you can relax—it's here! Mel has put together a kit of 10 great tools to help managers become more successful, tools you'll use every single day of your career.

Don't wait another minute to own this excellent, modestly priced special report. When you see how much easier these tools make managing your employees, you'll be very glad you did. Click the button below and get it on your desktop now!
The Successful Manager's Toolkit $39.95

*Please note: Because federal and state labor laws continually change, M. Kleiman & Associates recommends that you have all forms reviewed by your local legal counsel before using them. M. Kleiman & Associates assumes no liability for the use of any forms provided.


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