Client Testimonials

Just a few of the many rave reviews Mel has received

"Excellent presenter, really put himself in our shoes and provided exactly the answers our audience needed."
Monte Arnold, Conference Coordinator for M. Lee Smith Publishing

"Mel delivered a perfectly targeted program. We've never had such an extremely high level of customization from anyone else."
Patrick Chalfin, HR Director, Tesoro Petroleum

"Mel's programs are very insightful, practical and creative methods for hiring front-line employees. His combination of customized material and best practices information prepares managers to be better leaders."
Mary Matatall, Vice President, Continental Airlines

"Mel spoke to our particular problems so precisely that some of our managers thought he was in the car wash business himself."
Mike Shulman, President, Minuteman Car Wash

"The first moment I heard Mel speaking to another group, I knew immediately I had to bring him in to speak to ours."
Tommy Williams, Director, America's Blood Centers

"Thank you for choosing someone who so effectively gave great examples and stories that hit the topic so well."
Barb Dorow, attended presentation for Goodwill Industries in Chicago

"Mel has a wonderful rapport with his audience and our franchisees were truly engaged. Mel's presentation was so successful that we had him back to present to our managers at our frontline staff annual meeting!"
Sally Degnan, President, Two Men and a Truck International

"Thank you for speaking at our NAI Global convention. This year was my tenth convention and your session was the best I ever attended."
Sean K. Osborne, Senior Vice President, NAI MLG Commercial

 Client Tools and Meeting Forms

Benefit Maximizer Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to maximize the benefit of Mel Kleiman’s presentation for your audience. Please take the time to answer each question that applies to your audience, using additional paper if needed.
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Pre-Speech E-mail

RE: Expert MEL KLEIMAN on recruiting, selecting and retaining the best hourly workers

Mel will be a featured speaker on ____________, 2006.

In order to tailor his presentation to the specific interests and needs of our group, Mel has asked me to solicit the opinions and experience of a few of our key people.
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Mel Kleiman Bio and Photo

Mel Kleiman, CSP, is internationally recognized as the leading authority on recruiting, selecting and retaining the best hourly employees.

Mel is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who specializes in providing practical, take home information delivered in high-energy, high impact presentations.

Mel is the founder and president of Humetrics, Inc., a leading developer of systems, training, processes, and tools for recruiting, selecting, and retaining the best hourly workforce.
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Fun Introduction

(Stage direction: Read with tongue firmly in cheek)
Ladies & Gentlemen:
I am genuinely honored to introduce a man who needs no introduction.
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