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For Recruiting
  • Six questions every manager needs to ask before hiring

  • How to take a marketing approach to recruiting at every level

  • The #1 most overlooked source of great employees

  • How to double your applicant flow without spending a cent

  • How changing your messages raises the level of your applicant pool

  • How to quit giving your best applicants to your competition

For Selecting
  • How to take and keep control of the interview

  • The questions you can't ask and how to ask them anyway

  • The five most important questions to ask

  • How to tell how good the applicant will be on the job

  • How to get applicants to tell you the truth

  • How to save time and make better hiring decisions

For Retaining
  • A foolproof method to reduce turnover by 5% at least

  • How to combat the #1 reason good employees leave

  • The 5 R's and 1 F of retention

  • Why keeping your best on board is usually not about money

  • The question every new employee needs to answer

  • The key questions every new employee wants you to answer
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