Hot Hiring Hint from Mel Kleiman: SAVE Yourself Some Trouble

A recent study by The Pew Hispanic Institute, an independent nonpartisan research center, concluded that more than 12% of the people working in the United States illegally are currently employed in management, business, or professional roles. An additional 44% are employed in the hospitality industry and 20% in construction trades.

This is where the Department of Homeland Security SAVE (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) Program comes in. The Basic Pilot Program offers employers verification checks against the Social Security Administration and DHS databases, using an automated, web-based system. Participation in the Basic Pilot Program is voluntary and free to participating employers.

Employers who register can verify that the name and SSN of an applicant are a match to ensure they don’t unwittingly hire a person who is illegally using some-one else’s identity or is illegally in this country.

Check it out here:  

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