Hot Hiring Hint from Mel Kleiman : When You Shop, Shop for Employees

There's no time like the present to shop for your next great employee. When you're shopping, use the time to look for great employees who might be available to help you build your business next year as well.

Take a closer look at anyone who gives you good service; it means your potential applicant has already met your customer service attitude requirement.

Many of the folks who wait on you are working part time to earn extra money. Even though they may not be looking for other work at the moment, if you have interesting work to offer they may well decide they want it, especially if the job is part time.

Remember that many great regular employees are also looking for a new job. In addition to your shopping list, take along a list of reasons why they would want to work for you. Then make it easy for them to apply and there's a good chance they will come your way.

When you approach employees you might be interested in hiring I suggest saying something like, "I'm looking to hire a few people with your great customer service attitude. I know you're probably not looking for a job, but if you know someone just like you would you please ask them to call me?" Offer a recruiting bonus if you hire applicants they refer and be sure to leave your card.

Finally, remember to make sure your great present employees are happy or you might find them leaving to take a new job!

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