Hot Hiring Hint from Mel Kleiman : The Two Main Reasons Good People Quit

1. Lazy fellow workers who don't do the work they agreed to do but get paid anyway. Sometimes these slackers actually make more money for doing less work-and treating the work they do as a joke-than the person who quit. How do they do this? By manipulating the people for whom they are supposed to be doing the work.

One particularly effective form of manipulation lazy people employ is asking those they are manipulating to help them do a better job or learn more about the industry. This makes the questioner appear sincere and earnest without actually requiring any effort beyond pretending to care about the information received.

2. Lazy employers, managers and supervisors who ignore what's going on and allow themselves to be manipulated.

Everyone in a position of ownership or management has an obligation to look beyond surface appearances and get rid of those people who don't take their work seriously-preferably before their best people get so fed up with watching those slackers reap unearned rewards that they leave.

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